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depth, soul & originality

In 1991, at the age of 14, Maarten organized his first gigs with friends, playing for hundreds of teenagers in an indoor tennis hall. Together they ran a mobile disco, touring many schools and parties in and around his hometown Hilversum.

His early interest in electronic music led him to practice dj-ing and play at local bars. 'Dwaallicht' - the most crowded bar in town - was his Saturday night residency for years. With a school friend - who owned a pair of decks - he went by train to Amsterdam on a weekly basis to buy vinyl records at special import stores. Many of the unknown artists he bought music from back then, are world class heroes today. Artists like Roger Sanchez, Masters at Work, Kerri Chandler, Mateo & Matos, Joey Negro (now: Dave Lee), Dimitri from Paris, Mood II Swing and Ashley Beedle to name but a few. 

As house music was not as well established and omnipresent as it is today, bar owners didn't want dj's to play 'only' housemusic. Therefore he mixed it with 70's funk, soul and disco, 80's new wave and pop music. In the mid/late 90's club nights inspired him to start playing only electronic music, although 70's and 80's influences were never far away. Especially the GLAM, Juice and High-tech soul movement nights in Amsterdam's renowned RoXY nightclub drew him into soulful house, garage and soul-tech. With a slight Italo and Mediterranean touch inspired by luxurious open air discotheques in summer holidays.   


In the years after he sought to bridge the gap between soulful and abstract music by developing his style into what people today call deephouse. Playing music from seriously good releases like this or this. Inspired by this Nite:Life compilation by Ian Pooley - with deep, warm and sophisticated tunes - he started making cd's for friends and music-lovers with similar music and similar artwork under the name 'Urban Nites'. The local high rotation and copying of the cd's landed him a residency in his hometown.

In 2007 he moved to Amsterdam and founded his own marketing & communication consultancy, working for many international corporations. This on one hand landed him some (international) b-to-b gigs, like trade shows and product releases. In the years after he spent more effort in his business than in dj'ing. In 2019, after being asked for some gigs of friends, he regained his interest and changed tack. He decided to digitize his vinyl collection, broaden his music catalogue with recent gems, re-establish a dj career and venture first steps into remixing.  

Depth, soul & originality

Today, in 2020, he is bookable as dj, playing electronic music with depth, soul and originality. Music that that is accessible and often easy on the ear, but also surprising and steers clear from mainstream or Beatport charts. Although he likes bringing some classics along, one should not mistake him for a 'classics dj'. He enjoys breaking convention and usher audiences into a sound that draws from a plethora of genres, including nu disco, nu jazz, African and latin house, pushing his musical boundaries to new limits.